Quick Update

A few updates. First, there is a major revamp going on and I’m still slowly editing this site. There are new additions to the portfolio section. Particularly the recent shoots over the past few months. Do check them out below! Also! Me and my wife are happy to announce that … Continue Reading Quick Update


It’s finally done. Well almost. I have been holding off from blogging for a very long while. And a very long while roughly mean 4 years ago. The reason is simple. I was lazy. I had zero motivation to write. I have the intention to revamp my blog but my … Continue Reading R E V A M P


Give me ten seconds, close your eyes. By then, my lips have ensnared your heart. Give me ten minutes, hold and squeeze my hand. By then I would have your trust. Give me ten hours, hold me close and listen to my heartbeat. By then you would know how I … Continue Reading Ten


Right over left, I cupped my hands together. Lips murmured for an answer, head upward I looked up to empty space Void, my voice devoid of emotions Why do I ask? I wondered. What is it that I want? my heart questioned. My answer came. Her light unmistakeable. Her heart, … Continue Reading Bidadari


What makes me, me? Do you see me, as what your eyes perceive of what I am? Do you hear me, as what your ears whisper to you what I am? Do you feel me, as what your heart tells you what I am? Do you? I am flesh and … Continue Reading Soul


Here, a single point of time, Here, a moment in history, Here, nestled a seed you sow Here, among the stars, Here, where I have seen my scars, Here, the space between you and me There, beyond the high walls, There, across the vast channel, There, where the grass here … Continue Reading Omnipotent

I, Conquistador

I am a risk taker. I do not seek any form of assurance. I am a calculated risk, the stakes high, exponentially rise as I roll the die. I invite dangers lest I would be fearless in facing demons, my own durance vile. I feel real pain no lesser than … Continue Reading I, Conquistador