Give me ten seconds, close your eyes. By then, my lips have ensnared your heart. Give me ten minutes, hold and squeeze my hand. By then I would have your trust. Give me ten hours, hold me close and listen to my heartbeat. By then you would know how I feel about you. Give me […]

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Right over left, I cupped my hands together. Lips murmured for an answer, head upward I looked up to empty space Void, my voice devoid of emotions Why do I ask? I wondered. What is it that I want? my heart questioned. My answer came. Her light unmistakeable. Her heart, pure and unquestionable. Dear god, […]

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What makes me, me? Do you see me, as what your eyes perceive of what I am? Do you hear me, as what your ears whisper to you what I am? Do you feel me, as what your heart tells you what I am? Do you? I am flesh and bones, like you. I am […]

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Here, a single point of time, Here, a moment in history, Here, nestled a seed you sow Here, among the stars, Here, where I have seen my scars, Here, the space between you and me There, beyond the high walls, There, across the vast channel, There, where the grass here has seen its days There, […]

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I wandered the earth, pillaged old and broken dreams of the lost and the damned. I stole hopes and dreams of many, stripped and bore their souls to kingdom come. War ensued; not of borders, not of ideologies, not of poverty and wealth, not of religion. War; a conflict close and real. Prolonged and surreal. […]

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I chased the sun before she left the sky. She was there up high in the air; suspended in amazing grace. She smiled down from the heavens, radiating life to us, to me. She’s a powerhouse, embraced in her own celestial sphere, all she needed was faith. The emptiness of space, written on her face. […]

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A watch is a watch; a matter It has a certain weight; a quantitative scale.  This watch was a gift from my friends. Granted, it’s a blend of sophistication and class. That isn’t the main point. I love how comfortable it is, ensnaring; a tight good grip; resting comfortably on my wrist. I’ve grown fond […]

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