I wandered the earth, pillaged old and broken dreams of the lost and the damned. I stole hopes and dreams of many, stripped and bore their souls to kingdom come. War ensued; not of borders, not of ideologies, not of poverty and wealth, not of religion. War; a conflict close … Continue Reading Cocoon


I chased the sun before she left the sky. She was there up high in the air; suspended in amazing grace. She smiled down from the heavens, radiating life to us, to me. She’s a powerhouse, embraced in her own celestial sphere, all she needed was faith. The emptiness of … Continue Reading Matahari

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Table for two as usual sire? prompted the waiter dressed with a classic single-breasted, two-button suit in navy blue as he held a thick receipt booklet. Oh yes. Looking sharp as always Wally, that’d be splendid. Over by that corner with the glass overlooking Westminster Street please? Ryan replied. Back at … Continue Reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Now this is one of my few rare moments where i get to sit down in front of the laptop with a nice cup of ceylon tea, vintage 80’s playlist set on Spotify and the ever cluttered WordPress’ dashboard staring back at me. Here it is, placing my fingers on … Continue Reading Rethink


A watch is a watch; a matter It has a certain weight; a quantitative scale.  This watch was a gift from my friends. Granted, it’s a blend of sophistication and class. That isn’t the main point. I love how comfortable it is, ensnaring; a tight good grip; resting comfortably on … Continue Reading Totem